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Tatsuo | Kotatsu

Tatsuo | Kotatsu

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Introducing the Tatsuo Kotatsu, a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese comfort and warm design. 'Tatsuo', translating to 'dragon man' in Japanese, reflects the strength and dependability this model brings to your living space.

The Tatsuo Kotatsu features a robust tabletop adorned with a captivating palette of orange and varying shades of brown, conjuring up a sense of warmth and richness reminiscent of a dragon's flame. Built to endure daily use, this tabletop balances practicality with a striking aesthetic. It rests on sturdy legs that promise stability, while the efficient heating system beneath the surface provides a steady, comforting warmth.

Complementing the tabletop, the Tatsuo's futon exhibits the same warm hues of orange and brown, completing the rich aesthetic. This plush futon not only enhances the visual appeal but also effectively traps and retains the warmth produced by the kotatsu, ensuring a cozy, comfortable experience.

The Tatsuo Kotatsu is a versatile piece of furniture, perfect for a host of activities such as family meals, study sessions, or simply a moment of relaxation. With its warm design and traditional Japanese functionality, the Tatsuo model brings a touch of strength and warmth to your living space, making it an excellent choice for those seeking style and comfort.


  • Futon: 100% Cotton
  • Table: Oakwood


  • Futon: 102x80"​' | 260x203 cm
  • Table: 47x30x40"​ | 119x76x101 cm
  • Heater: 9x11x2" | 23x28x25 cm


  • Heater: 500-600W​
  • Low Consumption ~ 80W
  • High Consumption ~ 170W


Kotatsu Set Includes:

  • Futon Blanket
  • Floor Mat
  • Low Table
  • Heater
  • Voltage Converter


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